Current Projects


Red Siskin Research and Conservation

Having monitored and gathered data for so long, we now wish to create a Community Based Conservation Management zone to provide continued protection for this beautiful bird.

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Our dream is that every child in the Rupununi will grow up with a love for nature and a will to protect and care for the world around them.  We have started environmental education classes in 4 schools in 2019, and hope to expand year on year.

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Giant Anteater Research and Conservation

This amazing species is on the decline in the South Rupununi.  We want to estimate their population size and understand the threats against them so that we can start community-run conservation of giant anteaters.

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Yellow Spotted River Turtle Research and Conservation

This beautiful species of river turtle is threatened with over harvesting for their meat and eggs. We have begun a project to work with communities to provide them with long term protection

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Burning of the Rupununi is a common sight, but not everyone realises the damage that it is doing to local wildlife and ecosystems. We are studying current fire practices to see how they have changed over the years and to understand the damage they can have.

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