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In the News

Rupununi conservation body teaching students how to preserve their environment, Guyana Times, July 2023

SRCS, GTA to implement bird guide accreditation programme, Guyana Times, June 2023

Stakeholders partner to create Bird Guide Accreditation programme, Guyana Chronicle, June 2023

New storybook by SRCS combines local stories and scientific results , Guyana Chronicle, May 2023

SRCS launches 1st storybook on Giant Anteater, Guyana Times, May 2023

Research on giant anteaters in Guyana condensed in storybook for kids, iNews Guyana, May 2023

Interesting Creatures: DNA sequencing to identify undiscovered rabbits found in Region nine, Kaieteur News, April 2023

SRCS Receives Prestigious 2023 Parker Gentry Award for Environmental Conservation Efforts, Village Voice News, April 2023

South Rupununi Conservation Society releases newest book, Guyana Chronicle, March 2023

Guyanese group gets prestigious Field Museum award, Guyana Chronicle, March 2023

Rupununi Conservation Society awarded prestigious Parker/Gentry Award, Guyana Times, March 2023

South Rupununi Conservation Society receives int’l award for preserving wildlife, supporting traditional livelihoods, iNews Guyana, March 2023

Karaudarnau residents helping researchers with an ‘undiscovered’ species of wild rabbit, Guyana Chronicle, February 2023

South Rupununi Society working to protect critically endangered bird species, iNews Guyana, February 2023

Kunainama, the online platform selling Rupununi craft items, Guyana Times, February 2023

Villagers to assist in identifying “undiscovered” wild rabbits at Rupununi, Kaieteur News, January 2023

Empowering women through sustainable wildlife management: Meet Kim Spencer, Forests News, December 2022

How a little red bird led to the formation of Rupununi conservation body, Guyana Times, November 2022

Conserving the turtle population, Guyana Chronicle, October 2022

Over 600 rescued turtles released, Guyana Chronicle, October 2022

Over 600 yellow spotted river turtles released at Sand Creek turtle festival, Newsroom, October 2022

First ever “Lethem Bird Fair” hosted to promote awareness of species at risk of extinction, Guyana Chronicle, October 2022

South Rupununi youths being schooled to become ‘citizen scientists’, Guyana Times, August 2022

The Rupununi women, breaking the ranger barrier, Guyana Times, July 2022

South Rupununi children benefit from traditional knowledge and eco-friendly education, Newsroom, July 2022

Rupununi ranger goes from the wild into the classroom, Guyana Times, July 2022

Sand Creek residents tackling depleting turtle species used for cooking, Newsroom, July 2022

Female rangers make an invaluable contribution to fieldwork in the Rupununi, Guyana Chronicle, May 2022

SRCS to engage six Rupununi communities on creation of ‘Red Siskin Conservation Zone’, Guyana Chronicle, May 2022

SRCS rangers working daily to prevent extinction of Rupununi turtle population, Guyana Chronicle, April 2022

Katoonarib Nature Fair promotes Giant Anteater, Guyana Chronicle, April 2022

Amerindian culture and land rights shape conservation in Guyana’s Rupununi region, Forests News, November 2021

From ‘feast’ to ‘festival’, Guyana Chronicle, September 2021

Sand Creek residents embark on new traditions to preserve turtle population, Stabroek News, September 2021

Saving the Rupununi’s Hoary-Throated Spinetail and Rio Branco Antbird, Guyana Chronicle, August 2021

South Rupununi Conservation Society assessing population of critically endangered birds, Stabroek News, August 2021

Imparting traditional knowledge, Guyana Chronicle, April 2021

Grassroots group keeping traditional knowledge alive in the South Rupununi, Stabroek News, March 2021

National Geographic funding Rupununi project to protect Red Siskins, Guyana Chronicle, March 2021

Rupununi Conservation Society looking at fire impacts on wildlife, Guyana Chronicle, February 2021

Rupununi River beaches being monitored to aid increase in ‘river turtles', Guyana Chronicle, January 2021

Research work helping curb notable decline of giant anteaters, Guyana Chronicle, January 2021

Conservation group pushes for environmental education in schools, Guyana Chronicle, December 2020

Guyana’s first Important Bird and Biodiversity Area established, Guyana Chronicle, December 2020

New Milestone: Guyana gets its first Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, Birdlife International, December 2020

GTA recognises outstanding contributions to tourism, Guyana Times, December 2019

Life Lessons: Teaching conservation and celebrating culture in Guyana, CIFOR, 2019

Back From the Brink: Saving the Red Siskin, Guyana Chronicle, March 2016

Avian Habitat Conservation, Rufford, 2015

UNDP Bulletin, April 2014

Ongoing protection of Red Siskins in South Rupununi, Guyana, Conservation Leadership Programme, April 2014

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