Yellow-spotted River Turtle Conservation starting January

November, 2020

In the past 2 decades, SRCS has received continual reports from local residents of the South Rupununi noticing a significant decline in the number of river turtles, including the Yellow-spotted River Turtle (Podonemis unifilis).


The two main causes that the residents have identified are:

 - harvesting of turtle eggs; and

 - overharvesting of adults, in particular female adults.


To help restore the population, SRCS is undertaking a two part project.


The first part will involve local SRCS rangers from Sand Creek Village monitoring 8 beaches along the Rupununi to understand the effect that local residents are having on the turtle egg population. For the second part, the SRCS team will collaborate with Sand Creek Village to start a turtle harvesting ban during certain times in the year to help the population increase over time.

Work of this kind can drastically improve the local conservation status of these turtles.  Thanks to Sand Creek Village for their interest and enthusiasm.

The South Rupununi Conservation Society is a registered Friendly Society in Guyana.

Wichabai Ranch

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