Red Siskin Ranger Training

September, 2019

This month our rangers participated in a 4 day training workshop to prepare for the recommencement of the monitoring and banding of the Red Siskin.

Rangers were trained in how to set up mist nets, correctly handle birds, measure birds, use birds books for identification, binocular use and using the data collection application KoBo Collect.

The training session was lead by the core SRCS team with the assistance of the Senior Rangers who were help to teach the new recruits.

The rangers will now operate in 2 teams - the general survey team and the life cycle team. The general survey team will involve 2 rangers from 6 villages (Sawriwau, Katoonarib, Rupunau, Sand Creek, Shulinab and Potarinau) visiting Red Siskin sites once a month to monitor and band the bird. The life cycle team, will travel to a Red Siskin site at Wichabai Ranch every other day and make observation about Siskin activity such as nesting behaviour, diet, habitat and roosting.


Red Siskin Research Continues

August, 2019

Banding of Red Siskins continues from September 2019, thanks to funding from the Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme.

We first became interested in Red Siskins when they were discovered in the Rupununi in 2000.  Since then we have run several research and conservation programmes, aiming to protect this endangered species.

Red Siskins were once thought to exist only in a small region of Venezuela, having been brought almost to extinction by the cage bird trade during the 19th century.  When a small population was discovered in the South Rupununi, the SRCS became the guardians of the species.


The aim of this project is to continue banding the Red Siskin and to monitor their life cycle. The information gained from these projects will fill scientific gaps for the species and will subsequently be used to inform the design of conservation management plans. 


This project has been previously funded by the Conservation Leadership Programme, the Global Environmental Foundation's Small Grants Programme and the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund.

The South Rupununi Conservation Society is a registered Friendly Society in Guyana.

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