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Genetific Identification of Wild Rabbits 

August 2022 to Present

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For decades, the residents of Karaudarnau Village have known about a population of wild rabbits that exist on their land. They even have a local Wapichan name for the species "Kazoo-tain" which translates in English as "Long-ears".

However, until now, this population of rabbits was not known to exist to science. It is therefore unclear if the species is invasive, a subspecies, an existing species or an entirely new species.

The SRCS are therefore collaborating with Karaudarnau Village, the Field Museum, the Rupununi Wildlife Research Unit and the Royal Ontario Museum to genetically identify the species.

Between February to April 2023, residents from Karaudnarnau Village captured 2 male and 2 female rabbits for genetic sampling. These samples have been sent to for genetic analysis and we currently are waiting for the results.

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