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Traditional Knowledge Preservation 

January 2020 to Present

Supported by:

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Culture is an essential component of life in the Rupununi. It plays an important part in social dynamics, governance, lifestyle, the economy and also the preservation of the environment.

For decades, the residents of the Rupununi have lamented the loss of their culture and Traditional Knowledge. Their concern is that this social erosion will lead to a loss of identity, destruction of the environment and loss of wildlife.

To prevent this, the SRCS is collaborating with Indigenous communities to facilitate Traditional Knowledge Classes. The classes are hosted on a weekly basis by Village Elders who pass their Traditional Knowledge to the younger generation.

Examples of skills that are taught including cotton spinning, craft weaving, Wapichan and Macushi language, arrow making, tibisiri crafting and storytelling.

It is hoped that these classes will inspire communities to develop more activities to preserve their Traditional Knowledge and culture with the support of the SRCS.

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