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Giant Armadillos

August 2023 to Present

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Residents in the South Rupununi have become increasingly concerned that the local population of Giant Armadillos is decreasing. This would follow the global trend where according to the latest IUCN assessment, the species is continiuing to decline.

The Giant Armadillo has been identified as an important species for its position in the food chain and its role as an "Ecosystem Engineer" whereby they create homes for many other species of wildlife.

Prior to 2023, there had never been any specific study conducted on Giant Armadillos in Guyana and therefore little is known about the species nationally or locally.

To gain a better understanding of Giant Armadillos, the SRCS is collaborating with the communities of Shea, Awarewaunau and Maruranau to conduct research. 

This research includes setting camera traps across the title land of the 3 communities to learn more about their population size, range, behaviour and ecology. It also involves conducting research with local residents to assess perceptions of Giant Armadillos and to determine their main threats.

With the knowledge gained from the research, the communities will have an improve understanding of their local Giant Armadillo population. They can then use this information to make more informed decisions in their community concerning wildlife and their habitats.

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