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The South Rupununi Conservation Society 

Since 2002, the South Rupununi Conservation Society (SRCS) has aimed to preserve the wildlife, environment and culture of the Rupununi of Guyana through community-based conservation, environmental education and research.


About Us

We are farmers, hunters, school children, business people, tour operators, teachers, tour guides and more.  We are the women, men and children who call the Rupununi our home. 

Over the years, we have seen a decline in the number of animals and plants of the Rupununi region as well as continued degradation of the natural environment. Through education, research and conservation we are dedicated to sustaining and protecting the wildlife of our home.

In 2024 we are focused on Environmental Education, Red Siskin research and conservation, Giant Anteater research and conservation, Yellow Spotted River Turtle research, Giant Armadillo research and conservation, monitoring the impact of fire on wildlife, preservation of Traditional Knowledge, creating Young Climate Change Leaders, research into undiscovered mammals, and Hoary-throated Spinetail and Rio Branco Antbird research and conservation.

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Recent News


SRCS President Leroy Ignacio was awarded a 2024 Whitley Award for his and the SRCS's efforts to protect the Red Siskin. The award was presented to Leroy by Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne

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With support from the GEF Small Grants Prorgramme Guyana and Conservation International Guyana, the SRCS has partnered with the communities of Shea, Maruranau and Awarewaunau to start a research and conservatiion project focused on Giant Armadillos


In collaboration with the Regional Democratic Council for Region 9 and with support from UNICEF and IDB, the first ever Youth Forum for Region 9 was held with a focus on climate change

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